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Max Romeo, Lee Perry & Adrian Sherwood

Brighton Festival 2011.05.20

broadcast on BBC Radio 3 "World Routes" 2011.06.04

Lucy Duran introduces World Routes in concert at the Brighton Festival, featuring Lee 'Scratch' Perry and Max Romeo, together with Adrian Sherwood


On-U Sound System

Human Nature

The 12" Oakenfold Perfecto promo of Human Nature, never released, featuring Billy Graham samples

The original on-u Sherwood mix is below (sadly in mono, but with additional samples from the lovely Steve Barker)

Human nature promo



1991-10-10 Linz, Posthof

Here's the dubious .nfo file that accompanies this: Interference.txt which states that it's *not* Skip on guitar. Sure as hell sounds like him to me, and I can't imagine playing "The game" with all the "who and what is this Tackhead trash?" samples without him.

I should point out these files are very large because they are .flac format. They are extremely good quality, originally recorded from the sound board, apparently.

Interference (34 Mb)

The Game (33 Mb)

Understand This (27 Mb)

Beat Dis (35 Mb)

Stormy Weather (57 Mb)

Adrian Sherwood and Kishi Yamamoto - two unreleased tracks with versions

Ade and Kishi, circa 1984ish
Around the time of Missing Brazilians

(3 Mb) (128k)
Donna Summer Tune - mix 1 (3 Mb) (12Donna Summer Tune - dub 8k)
Donna Summer Tune - mix 2 (3 Mb) (128k)
Linn 1 dub (3 Mb) (128k)
Linn 1 mix 1 (3.5 Mb) (128k)
Linn 2 mix 1 (5 Mb) (128k)

New Age Steppers - Peel Session

No real info on these, except that it's NAS, and it's the session they did for John Peel's Radio 1 show.

Not A Nobody (4 Mb) (128k)
Send My Love (3 Mb) (128k)
The Riddle (2 Mb) (128k)

Jeb Loy Nichols -
"As The Rain"

Adrian Sherwood remix of the track, only featured on the sampler from the soundtrack to the movie "Good Will Hunting", not on the actual soundtrack album. As per request on the Dubboard

As the Rain (8.5 Mb) (128k)

 Back to the Planet -
"Day Dream" (Remix)

Poptastic festival favourites, Back to the Planet, in Adrian Sherwood remix mode from the Daydream 12" (on blue vinyl!) As per request on the Dubboard

daydream (4.5 Mb) (128k)

Andy Fairley - 
"Jack the Biscuit"

The original version with music featuring Akabu. Originally recorded for Gary Clail's "Emotional Hooligan" album, but only the telephone vocals appeared on "Pay It All Back 3" as an acapella track.

Jack the Biscuit (1.8 Mb)

?? - ??

A track with no title, by artists forgotten. A track Steve Barker did with Adrian very late one night at Southern Studios around 1985.  This track was composed entirely of samples: a stolen drum pattern from some Fats Comet tracks, a Doug Wimbish bassline from something else, some otherwise unused vocal samples, and a snatch of the vocal from another unreleased track, "I See The World Through Different Eyes".

Eyes (1.5 Mb)

Mark Stewart & The Maffia - "Hysteria" (Remix)

Remix of the classic Maffia track, only ever released as a promo.

Hysteria (6.5 Mb)

On-U Sound System -
"Human Nature"

The original unreleased version (Featuring the original Billy Graham Vocal) This Track was recorded from Radio Lancashire's On The Wire sometime in 1990.... Here is what Steve Barker (150 Kb) had to say about it at the time.

Human Nature (4.2 Mb)

On-U Sound System  - "Popstar Saves the Nation"

This is a "work in progress" version of Rumours of War,  prior to Gary Clail adding his vocal, and features Andy Fairley and Bim Sherman!

Popstar (1.5 Mb)

Little Axe - "Hammering"

Previously unreleased track, possibly from a forthcoming album.

Hammering (1.7 Mb)

Mark Stewart & The Maffia - "Desire"

Previously unreleased track

Desire (7 Mb)

Mark Stewart & The Maffia - 9 live tracks

These tracks were recorded and provided by Alex Koppert (kpr@sem.hhs.nl)
They are from a gig in Nighttown, Rotterdam, Netherlands in 1990

Mammon (11 Mb)
Passification Program
(11 Mb)
Resistance Of The Cell
(10 Mb)
Welcome to Liberty City/Jerusalem(10 Mb)
As the Veneer of Democracy Starts to Fade(6 Mb)
Collision(7 Mb)
Hysteria(8.5 Mb)
Scorpio (7 Mb)
Can't Help Thinking About You (Bowie)(7 Mb)

Paul Mallett & Tim Riches - "Dubwise Theme"

A totally original track which was the theme tune to a local radio station show I used to do. Comments on this one extremely appreciated!

Dubwise (1.1 Mb)

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